NCCPL and IDENFO join hands

Signing Ceremony with Idenfo held on December 29, 2020 at NCCPL’s Office, attended by (starting from left to right) Mr. Raza Abidi – Founding Directors (Idenfo UK), Mr. Muhammad Lukman (CEO NCCPL), Mr. Azfar Naqvi (CEO IDENFO Pakistan), Mr. Imran Ahmed Khan (CFO NCCPL) and Mr. Amir Mobin (CRO NCCPL). Providing a front-end application to […]


Idenfo and RapidCompute join hands to provide PaaS Anti Money Laundering solution to Pakistani market

RapidCompute and Idenfo recently signed a partnership to collaborate and provide an integrated “platform-as-a-service” Anti Money Laundering KYC (Know Your Customer) solution to the Pakistani market. The agreement paves the way for the provisioning of a holistic “e-KYC” solution for all types of financial institutions in Pakistan. It brings together Idenfo’s pioneering document verification, name […]

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