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an end-to-end solution to
know and verify your

what was complex & costly

just became easier & affordable


sugar, spice and everything nice

Idenfo Direct has everything you need to solve all your digital onboarding problems.

  • reduce identity fraud with our
    path-breaking technology

  • keep sensitive information safe and available with our
    automated profile change alerts & audit trails

  • automatically identifies high risk customers for
    enhanced due diligence

  • frictionless experience for your customers with our easy
    onboarding journey

  • save on unnecessary fines and fees thanks to our
    regulation & compliance expertise

  • name-screening against applicable national and international sanctions and fraud databases


intuitive and frictionless

We have an awesome user experience, end to end.

Step 1
Registration and verification

Register and verify your email

Step 2
your plan

Choose a plan that matches your need

Step 2
Pick your plan

Choose a plan that matches your need

Step 3
Begin Onboarding

Start Onboarding! The first five profiles are free

Step 4
Send link and wait

Customer will get an email prompt to complete information

Step 5
Review and decide

Approve, reject or ask for further info

Subscription plans that are made for you,
and grow with you

slide to select a plan
Up to


per month
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first 5 profiles are on us

  • Facial comparison

  • Liveness check

  • Name-screening

  • High Risk Client Management

  • Multi-factor Risk Rating

  • Periodic Checks

  • Record Retention