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ID Verification

Instant ID verification solution to ensure your candidate is really who they say they are

  • NADRA Verification
  • Facial Biometric Authentication
  • Live Photo and Document ID match
  • Multiple Document Upload
  • Remote Document Upload

Degree Verification

An innovative solution to ensure that your candidate's degree and employment history is authentic and true.

  • Degree Verification
  • Previous Employment Checks
  • Document Storing and Audit Trail

Criminal Background Check

Artificial intelligence for updated news-screening as well as globally-recognised sanctions list to ensure you are not hiring someone with a criminal background.

  • Criminal Records Check
  • Police Verification
  • Sanction-list Clearing

Verified 400,000+ profiles, used by 3 major regions in Asia & UAE, trusted
by 29 companies and counting…

Fraud Prevention, AML
and KYC Features

Improve the digital safety of your businesses and transactions

Save your business from:

  • Financial fraud
  • Money Laundering
  • Fake companies
  • Digital/ Synthetic ID Fraud
  • Identity fraud/ Theft
  • Identity Theft
  • Employee theft

  • And more features that ensure safer business operations by synergizing human and artificial intelligence.

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Verify within






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Languages In


Screening Against


Screening Against



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Idenfo Direct has everything you need to solve all your digital onboarding problems.

  • reduce identity fraud with our
    path-breaking technology

  • keep sensitive information safe and available with our
    automated profile change alerts & audit trails

  • automatically identifies high risk customers for
    enhanced due diligence

  • frictionless experience for your customers with our easy
    onboarding journey

  • save on unnecessary fines and fees thanks to our
    regulation & compliance expertise

  • name-screening against applicable national and international sanctions and fraud databases

CNIC & Passport Verification

Powered by our path-breaking AI technology, Idenfo Direct includes features such as Facial Comparison and Liveness Check for identity verification, performed in real time, for real time results.
Find out more about our features here.

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  • Facial comparison

  • Liveness check

  • Name-screening

  • High Risk Client Management

  • Multi-factor Risk Rating

  • Periodic Checks

  • Record Retention

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