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AML/KYC requirements - With IdenfoDirect, you get the best of everything to help you fulfill all your AML/KYC requirements - design, technology and user-experience

Facial Comparison

To minimise the risk of impersonation or video manipulation, our intelligent system will recognise whether or not the live video recording matches the face uploaded in an ID document.

Liveness Check

During the 'video recording' section, the system will prompt your customer, employee or client to follow instructions that appear on screen to make sure that the video is being recorded live.

Name Screening

Idenfo Direct will automatically screen all your potential customers, employees or clients against a defined set of sanction and other high risk lists relevant to your particular country.

Comprehensive Risk Rating

Idenfo Direct provides a sophisticated risk rating based on a host of factors including, but not limited to; location, occupation and the product they are choosing.

High Risk Client Management

Idenfo Direct helps you detect and manage your High Risk Clients throughout their customer lifecycle. From tailored onboarding for identifying PEPs and their source of wealth to managing a more comprehensive workflow and utilising our automated high risk override triggers, enjoy unparalleled control over your exposure to high risk.

Periodic Checks

Periodic alerts will generate against each customer according to a defined frequency based upon a standard risk based approach. The alert will generate 60 days before the review is due to give you time to perform the review. The intelligent approach means less frequent checks are automatically built in for your lower risk customers or employees.

Record Keeping & Audit Trail

Ever had to dig through paperwork for evidence that processes and regulations have been followed? As our solution is end-to-end, our platform provides a clear and intuitive way to review your records and have every relevant event and document at hand. Record keeping and audit trail have never been this easy.

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